Live. Connect. Grow. Go.

"Learn from me." - Jesus

To see you grow in knowledge and wisdom is a Core Value of Destiny Church and as such, we have a 3-step GROWTH TRACK to help you walk out your relationship with Jesus.  While in the Growth Track your faith will rise, you’ll become stronger in your prayer-life and your life’s vision and mission will become clear.

  1. The FIRST STEP in the Growth Track is going on a weekend retreat we call an, “Encounter.”  The group of you (often 30-40 people) will leave Friday after work and return Sunday after church.  Encounters are fun, fast paced and packed full of opportunities for you to grow.  We guarantee you that you will not be bored and the new friends you’ll make may last a life-time!
  2. The SECOND STEP of the Growth Track begins immediately after you finish the Encounter weekend.  This second step lasts 12 weeks and meets before church on Sunday mornings.  In the Second Step we like to say that you will LEARN TO LIVE.  You’ll receive key insights and life-long principles into living an abundant life along with weekly opportunities for application.
  3. The THIRD STEP of the Growth Track is where you will LEARN TO LEAD.  This is also a 12 week course and meets before church on Sunday mornings.  It is geared to introduce you to the ethics, values and insights needed to go to the next level in your faith-walk.  It’s one thing to serve but quite another to lead.  We want to help you discover your personal vision and mission in life.  Ultimately Jesus wants us all go full-speed into the “Harvest Field” and to use our particular set of gifts and talents to bless Him and his people.

Upon completion of the FIRST STEP you may serve in the fellowship

  • Greeter / Usher
  • Nursery
  • Worship Team
  • Coffee Corner
  • Production Team
  • Etc..

Upon completion of the THIRD STEP you may lead in the fellowship

  • Lead mission trips
  • Lead a Connect Group
  • Lead on Encounter
  • Teach/Teach in the Growth Track
  • Etc…