Senior Leaders Eric & Cheryl Hansen

Eric and Cheryl were both born and raised in Central Illinois and were high school sweethearts and now married for more than 30 years. Eric functions with an apostolic anointing and Cheryl (who is also a cancer nurse) moves more prophetically. As the Founders of Destiny Church and Five Fold International Ministries   Eric and Cheryl love to equip and release ministers to go into all of the world.


Favorite food: Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookies
Favorite Vacation: Mediterranean cruise
Favorite Music: Classic rock, G. F. Handel, Barbershop
Favorite Hobby: Scuba diving in Mexico
Dislikes: Prunes, Brussle sprouts & long lines

Favorite food: Anything I don’t have to cook
Favorite Vacation: Table Rock Lake / Branson
Favorite Music: Classical piano (I was a piano major in school)
Favorite Hobby: Movies, reading and eating out & shopping
Dislikes: Cancer and the devil

Pastors Ryan & Hannah Schafer

Ryan & Hannah are both graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. They both have a heart to see the Kingdom of God advance. Although Ryan's main focus is in being the Chief Financial Officer for Destiny Church, his most prominent passion is in pastoring and connecting. Hannah is the Director of Administration at DC and has a finger print on everything that needs organized. She is the head of missions as well as the Director of Five Fold International, which is the covering of Destiny Church. Ryan and Hannah have one daughter, Davina, who is quite the spunky monkey!


Favorite food: BBQ & Chinese
Favorite Vacation: "Stay"cation
Favorite Music: Folk, Cover Bands, Blues
Favorite Hobby: Building Computers, Fixing Cars, Guns, and Guitars.
Dislikes: The intersection of Veterans Parkway & Wabash Ave, Red Lights.

Favorite Food:
Prime Rib.
Favorite Vacation: Antigua, Guatemala.
Favorite Music: Live Music.
Favorite Hobby: Photography & Piano.
Dislikes: The smell of corn nuts.

Youth Pastors Myles & Sarah Alexander

Myles & Sarah have a passion to see young people come to know Jesus in a real & relevant way. Together, they disciple teenagers and work closely with them to find their God given destiny. Both Myles & Sarah are great speakers. Myles is a talented barber and uses his platform to establish relationships with everyone he meets.


Favorite food: Mac n Cheese.
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere that isn't extremely hot and has great food and shopping
Favorite Music: Rap, blues, jazz and everything in between.
Favorite Hobby: Anything with friends and being active.
Dislikes: The Steelers

Sarah Beth
Favorite Food:
Pasta or BBQ
Favorite Vacation: So far, San Diego.
Favorite Music: Anything from the late 90s!
Favorite Hobby:  Being with family and friends. Working out/being active. Refurbishing furniture. Shopping. Reading. Occasionally binge watching a good TV show.
Dislikes: Being cold. Putting laundry away.


Creative Pastor Aaron & Ariel Dearman

Aaron has teamed up with the ministry team that leads Destiny Church for the past 5 years. As a worship leader, graphic designer, and video producer, Aaron leads the team of creatives at Destiny. Aaron & Ariel have two children, Adalynn & Jaxon. Both Aaron & Ariel are talented communicators and are passionate to see the community come to have a relationship with the one true God.


Favorite food: Grilled steak and veggies.
Favorite Vacation: Cancun, MX
Favorite Music: Indie/Folk, Soul, Blues.
Favorite Hobby: Watching movies & playing with my kids.
Dislikes: Bad drivers

Favorite Food:
Rice and beans.
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere with water and a beach!
Favorite Music: Pop, dance, Latin.
Favorite Hobby: Hanging with friends/family!
Dislikes: Spiders, rude people.


Destiny Kid's Pastor Sydney Huffman

Pastor Sydney Huffman is a credentialed pastor with Five Fold International Ministries. She has years of experience with children’s ministries and we are blessed to have her on the Destiny Team. In school Pastor Sydney was an academic scholar and a highly decorated athlete. She is full of the Holy Spirit and walks in an anointing that powerful. She deeply loves missions and has been on countless trips to Central America ministering to the third-world children.


Favorite food: Chinese Food
Favorite Vacation: Any road trips with friends or family
Favorite Music: Everything from Pop music to Show-Tunes
Favorite Hobby: Running and Dancing
Dislikes: Chocolate and mean people